Slight change of strategy…

On the occasion of the anniversary of Mughniyyeh’s assassination, and in the middle of a period of heightened threats flying around between Irael, Lebanon, Syria and Iran, Hassan Nasrallah decided to give the shabab a little heartwarming present, kind of to keep the morale strong. He announced the new rules for future confrontations with the enemy, which would finally bring a semblance of balance of power ( the english translation is by al-Manar and conveys the content well enough, but to really get the picture you have to imagine the lines spat out by a scolding Nasrallah, shaking his fist and whipping up a massive hall full of young fighters, yet still managing, in his own inimitable way, to sound reasoned and thoughtful): ‘When Israel found that there was nothing that can demoralize the resistance, they went to threaten the Lebanese government and people of destroying the infrastructure. Just as we have infrastructure, there is infrastructure in occupied Palestine. We have one airport and they have airports, we have a few electricity stations and they have huge electricity stations, they have oil refineries and we have a few. The Israeli infrastructure is much bigger than ours and therefore I tell them the following: If you strike martyr Rafiq Hariri’s international airport in Beirut, we’ll strike your Ben Gurion airport in Tel Aviv. If you hit our ports, we will hit your ports. If you attack our refineries or factories, we’ll bomb your refineries and factories.
Today, on this occasion, I announce and accept this challenge. As people, army, and resistance, we are capable of protecting our country and we do not need anyone in this world to do this for us. This is how we face threats: with more threats, not with retreat, not with fear, but with steadfastness and threats. We have never sought war but we have the responsibility to defend our country and to stand firm on our land.’

And for those who didn’t get the picture yet: ‘[The IDF] set the so called “Dahiyeh Theory.” This theory stipulates destroying Beirut’s southern suburb (…). We have to know that the real concentration of Israelis stretches from south of Haifa to south of Tel Aviv, at a 15-kilometer deep line to the east. The bulk of residents are there, and so are oil refineries and factories and practically everything. They might think that they can destroy buildings in Dahiyeh and that we can barely puncture a few of their buildings. If you destroy buildings in Dahiyeh, we’ll demolish buildings in Tel Aviv.”

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