What were they thinking?

If anybody still needed more conclusive proof that the Israeli colonial experiment is about to end, well – there you have it. Someone in the US State Department – no Israel-basher he – once compared the Israelis to ‘a guy that sets his hair on fire and then beats his head with a hammer to put out the flames’. I can’t think of a better way to describe what those totally alienated self-serving fuckwits in the zionist government just did to themselves. What were they thinking? They even managed to get Bashar al-Assad and Saad Hariri to issue a joint statement for the first time ever, and more: forced the UNSC to demand an end to the Gaza siege and (this just in): forced Mubarak to open the Rafah crossing into Gaza. Faut le faire…

But this total lack of empathy and understanding of the ‘other’ was ingrained in the zionist project from the beginning – it was founded in bloodshed, grew powerful through bloodshed and continues to thrive on bloodshed and violence only. Israeli politicians and military men – if there is a difference between them in the first place, because the jewish state has from the beginning been ruled by a military junta and still is – keep claiming that ‘the Arabs only understand the language of violence’. Some 80-odd years of occupied-Palestinian history should have made it abundantly clear by now that violence is one language the Arabs do not understand. Which is very unfortunate, as it happens to be the only language the Israelis are able to speak. As they have just proved once again…


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