Twisted standards in an ‘upside-down’ world

What was it again we were (and are) told by the extreme right wing hatemongers in Europe and the US? Oh yeah, ‘they’ hate ‘our’ freedoms! That is why ‘they’ attack ‘us’. Well, apart from the obvious argument that it is exactly those right-wing hatemongers who are most eager to destroy ‘our’ freedoms and replace them with autocratic oppressive regimes very much like ‘their’ regimes (which are of course imposed on ‘them’ by ‘our’ foreign policies against ‘their’ will, but never mind that), we are now seeing some shining examples of how exactly this works. While the ‘freedom-loving’ US christians are mounting a vicious hate campaign against a mosque opening in NYC’s ground zero, in Beirut the old Magen David synagogue has recently been reopened. There has been no smear camapaign against opening a jewish place of worship in a ground zero which has repeatedly and very recently (2006) been the scene of destruction so massive it makes 9/11 look like the insignificant fait divers which it actually is in historical terms. This in a country which is still under daily and very real threats of total annihilation by the Israeli regime down south. But then the Lebanese and Palestinians have always shown a real capability of distinguishing between jews and Israelis- and yes, that includes Hizbullah, who actually make a point of this issue.  All through the civil war this very same synagogue and the remaining jewish community around it was protected by the PLO. Until the Israeli invasions of 1978 and 1982, when their position became untenable, the Lebanese jewish community stayed on in the country, and when they eventually left, the large majority did not leave to Israel but settled elsewhere. The synagogue was eventually destroyed by… indiscriminate Israeli bombardments and air strikes during the medieval and brutal siege of Beirut in 1982. It has now been rebuilt, partly at Lebanese expense, ready to be destroyed again – along with the rest of the country – by those splendid straight shooters of the IDF. Read a salient comparison of the American and Lebanese attitudes to a virtually identical issue here.

In another instance of ‘our’ superior civilization, values and respect for human rights, a self-appointed rabbinical court has sentenced an Israeli singer to 39 whiplashes for the heinous crime of performing for a mixed male-female audience… The fact that this is not an official Israeli court is beside the point – the point being that the Iareli state allows this court to go ahead without the slightest whimper of protest, as this article in the Jerusalem Post makes clear. As for the official Israeli court system, it just acquitted an IDF officer who emptied the entire chamber of his machine gun into a 13-year old Palestinian girl and publicly declared he would have done the same if the girl had been 3 years old. The rabbinical court looked on in approval, as the act was apparently not performed in front of a mixed audience… Note that the officer was not even prosecuted for viciously and in cold blood murdering an unarmed little girl without any reason or provocation – that has never been a prosecutable crime in ‘democratic’ Israel as long the killer is jewish and the victim is not  – but for ‘illegal use of his weapon, conduct unbecoming an officer and perverting the course of justice by asking soldiers under his command to alter their accounts of the incident’

Damn, ‘they’ must hate ‘our’ ‘freedom, democracy and respect for human rights’ so much, it must be unbearable. No wonder ‘they’ come to ‘our’ countries to blow themselves up…


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