Interview with Angry Arab

My interview with professor Asad Abu-Khalil is now published on the MEPEI website here. It concentrates mainly on the geopolitical situation in the greater Middle East and the much-vaunted shift in the power balance from a US-dominated scene to a more multipolar situation where China, Brazil, Iran, Russia and Turkey seem to be playing ever more important roles. Abu-Khalil roundly contests the validity of this view and states that very little has changed on the ground yet. Part of our talk is nevertheless devoted to discussing the imminent end of Israel-as-we-know-it, which we both agree is not very far off. The interview took place in July, and so more recent developments, e.g. concerning the Special Tribunal for Lebanon, are not mentioned. An excerpt: ‘The US still is able to impose its will on issues dealing with Israel, and on economic issues, the US is still able – with the help of the oil producers – to decide on matters of production and such. Israel still on behalf of the US can do what it wants. What’s true is this, for electoral reasons, the US is currently so preoccupied by Afghanistan first, and secondly, by Iraq, that is willing to allow certain manoeuvres by its enemies. However, that is not going to allow for any changing of the rules according to which, Israel rules supreme in the Middle East region, while Arab dictatorships continue to act on behalf of the US empire. ‘


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