Junblatt: you just gotta love him…

After earlier this year announcing his absence from a National Dialogue session as he preferred to ‘read Ibn Khaldoun’s Muqaddima over the weekend’, Lebanon’s most deliciously flexible postmodern militia leader and feudal landlord – oh, and president of the Progressive Socialist Party and MP of course – now comes out congratulating ‘all political forces that managed to overcome all their endless differences and put them aside to dedicate themselves completely to the people’s concerns and problems. Civil strife has disappeared due to the excessive political awareness exercised by all sides. Social demands have been fully met and the country’s petroleum policy has been completed. Talk of an astronomical rise in food product prices is just hateful campaigns. Meat is only dedicated to one segment of the Lebanese population, while the rest can satiate their hunger with political speeches, press conferences, and television debates, as they are a daily sustenance that compensates for the benefits of other food products. Continuous understanding and dialogue has been adopted by all political powers and a unified strategic vision over Lebanon’s identity and regional role has been established after 60 years of discussion, a number of wars, and hundreds of deaths and wounded.’ (Links to naharnet who kind of spoil the effect by adding the words ‘he said sarcastically’¬† after every statement. Oh, really?)


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