Oh really? How unexpected…

For the nth time since August 2006, Israel announced it would pull out of the northern part of Ghajjar, a village straddling the Lebanese border, and then reneged on its promise. The excuse this time round? ‘Why, the ‘Hezbollah government’, of course. Never mind that Hezbollah has been taking part in the previous two governments too, and already had a blocking third, i.e. veto power in the last, Hariri-led government. Reality and facts are never an issue for the US-Israeli camp, it is propaganda value that counts… Mideastwire (written by Nicholas Noe, one of a handful of US analysts who bothers to go and live in an Arab country and learn the language, and the guy who recently broke the Wisner-PattonBoggs-Mubarak story, which he keeps updating on the blog) puts it succinctly: ‘As expected, the Israelis are pursuing the failed strategy of holding “cards” to use later rather than withdraw and help to remove some of the rationale for Hezbollah’s growing armed resistance. From Naharnet: An Israeli official has said that a plan to withdraw from the Lebanese side of the occupied border village of Ghajar is now on hold due to recent changes in the region, including Lebanon. “We don’t want to give the Hizbullah government free gifts,” the official in Jerusalem told Israel’s Ynet news website, hinting that for the time being the plan to withdraw from the northern part of Ghajar has been frozen. The Israeli security cabinet approved a plan to pull forces out from the Lebanese side of Ghajar around three months ago. Under the plan, Israeli troops were to withdraw from the area and leave it under UNIFIL’s authority. “The idea was to boost the moderates, not the extremists,” the official said. “Today it’s problematic to hand over Ghajar to the Hizbullah government. We are discussing the matter with the U.N. and UNIFIL. Back in December we couldn’t have predicted the current instability and Hizbullah toppling the government.” “Nothing will happen before the Hariri report comes out,” the Israeli official said in reference to the indictment that will eventually be made public by the Special Tribunal for Lebanon.’

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