Bart Peeters (ook gekend als Zentor) is een Belg die in Libanon verblijft en werkt als free-lance vertaler, onderzoeker en journalist om ondertussen Arabisch te leren en en passant de koude Westeuropese regenzone te ontvluchten. Hij wenst (nog) niet beschouwd te worden als een autoriteit of expert op het vlak van Libanese of Midden-Oostenpolitiek, enkel als een geïnteresseerde en ‘bevoorrechte’ waarnemer, zoals dat heet, en de posts op ‘Midden in het Oosten’ zijn, behalve de gerapporteerde feiten en de geciteerde en/of vertaalde bronnen, persoonlijke meningen en indrukken die niet noodzakelijk ‘juist’ of ‘fout’ zijn en die bovendien onderhevig zijn aan verandering.

Bart Peeters (aka Zentor) is a Belgian free-lance translator, researcher and journalist based in Beirut to study the Arabic and Lebanese language, Lebanon and the Lebanese people while escaping the cold and rainy climes up north. He does not (yet) wish to be seen as an authority or expert on Lebanese or Middle-Eastern politics, but merely as an interested ‘privileged’ observer. Any posts on ‘In the Middle of the East’, other than the reported facts and quoted and/or translated sources, are personal opinions and impressions not necessarily ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ and moreover subject to change.

Copyright notice

Al het materiaal op ‘In the Middle of the East’, inclusief de foto’s op de gelinkte site http://www.flickr.com/photos/12598956@N02/, is intellectueel eigendom van Bart Peeters, alle rechten voorbehouden. Het materiaal mag vrij gebruikt worden voor niet-commerciële doeleinden, zij het enkel met vermelding van de bron. Voor commercieel gebruik, contacteer de schrijver via email: bartcpeeters at gmail.com

All material published on ‘In the Middle of the East’, including the photographs on the linked-to site http://www.flickr.com/photos/12598956@N02/ are the intellectual property and copyright of Bart Peeters, all rights reserved. The material can be freely used for non-commercial purposes, albeit only with mention of the source. For commercial use, contact the author via email: bartcpeeters at gmail.com


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Bart…This is your evil twinś (Jibril) wife — from The Corner. 😉
    This is soooo very last minute and my apologies for that. We just hit the strip looking for you then I recalled your blog site name.
    We are hosting a play at the apartment. One man (your evil twin) presentation of Wallace Shawnś The Fever tonight around 10:30pm April 18th 2008. This just popped up – hence the last minute. Would love to see you here.
    you can email me at lynn_AM@yahoo.com I can give you directions to the apartment, we are right by The Basement Club/Bar whatever they call the techno crap hangout. I will keep a lookout for an email if you get this and are interested.

  2. bart, i’d like to become an arabic to english translator but i’m starting to think i won’t be able to work 40 hours a week on it, and that it won’t pay well. are these fears justified?

  3. Kyle, it can pay pretty well actually, especially if you get to work for the UN or if you work freelance for businesses. How much time you are prepared to sepnd on learning it first and then working it, is your coice of course…

  4. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

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