Israeli spy, gay tourist or muslim convert?

The case of Daniel Sharon has taken another surprising turn, with his father, Moshe Sharon, telling AP that his son had converted to islam in 1994, adding that Daniel was “childish” and it’s possible that he could get mixed up “with the wrong people and didn’t know what he was getting into.” Nevertheless, he said his son, whom he had thought to be in Cyprus not Lebanon, “has only good intentions.” The Israeli authorities, unsurprisingly, deny Sharon was working for them. German authorities are starting to look into the case also.

On another note, Lebanese friends have been calling off appointments for today and tomorrow as they are uneasy about going out the next two days, citing concerns about possible new car bombs targeting M14-politicians today or tomorrow, i.e. before the election. In a cold calculation, it only takes one more M14-MP to be killed for them to lose their majority in parliament (after Ghanem’s assassination, they’re down to 65 out of 128)… In fact, although parliament is expected to convene on Tuesday 25th as planned, the actual vote will likely be postponed to an unspecified date in October, as there is still no consensus on a candidate acceptable to both sides, meaning most opposition MP’s will not show up so as to make sure the required 2/3 quorum is not attained and hence no president can constitutionally be elected.

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