Sharia4Belgium against Hezbollah, wtf?

So we went to this demo in Brussels today in support of the Egyptian and Tunisian revolutions. Many Belgian Arabs and quite a few white Belgians showed up, maybe a thousand people in all at the most busy moment towards the end. It was a friendly affair most of the time, with people genuinely supportive of the cause while representing only themselves, but there were a few annoying aspects to it. Firstly, and this is not new, there were a lot of flags of all kinds of obscure leftist groupuscules using the demonstration to show off their presence – which is fine in itself, even if the actual revolution is grassroots and not depending on any ideology. The Egyptian and Tunisian communists – like their counterparts in Venzuela and Bolivia – have of course been totally overtaken in speed and proven utterly irrelevant, left to moan together at the bar – all fifteen of them – about how the masses just totally ignore all the conditions set by Marx and Lenin as to how true revolutions should come about.Whatever, this is hardly new.

More annoyingly – although most people just ignored them – there were two small competing sections of  religionists. On the one hand, there were the Hezbollah fans – who insisted on turning the demo into a kind of ashura event, beating their chests and shouting ya Hussein. On the other hand, even more annoyingly, there were the Saudi-sponsored total dickheads of Sharia4Belgium, who carried Saudi flags into an anti-Mubarak demonstration and actually started harrassing the Hezbollah shia section. I mean, seriously, while on Maidan Tahrir the muslims are forming one front with the copts, back here in Brussels the brainwashed wahhabi idiots choose this opportunity to start sectarian infighting with the only muslim group which has actually been able to defeat the supposed common enemy… Great going! And so totally compatible with the demands of their Saudi sponsors, who are desperately trying to keep Mubarak in power, in close coordination with the Israelis and Americans. It is hilarious, by the way, to see that of the ten or so guys – no women in sight of course – who make up this way-out sect, and who seem to be genuinely convinced that they will be ruling Belgium – under sharia law no less – in a matter of years if not months, half are white converts from Antwerp. I mean, as doomed causes go, you can’t go much better than this. The only thing Belgians ever massively come out onto the streets for, is to protest attempts to impose a national closing hour for bars, and you want to impose sharia on this country? Hell yeah and good luck to ya. This confirms my theory that salafist groups are becoming exactly like late-twentieth century anarchist and communist groups: a bunch of wild-eyed youths preaching to each other at closed events, totally irrelevant to anything that is really happening out there. Come the revolution, the jihadis and salafis are found at the same bars as the communists, moaning how nobody ever listens to them. Only they can’t even wallow in drink to forget their utter irrelevance…

By the way, contrary to all our expectations, even Belgian state television (VRT) resisted the opportunity so enthusiastically provided by these sharia dickheads who got electrified whenever they saw a camera, to put the entire demo in a bad light by concentrating on them. Instead, they were cut out of the report completely, as was the Hezbollah faction.

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